Observed every November since President Clinton signed a proclamation in 1997, National Family Caregivers Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the millions of people in the U.S. who compassionately and humbly care for parents, siblings, neighbors, and community members. 

Grandparents, and older friends and relatives—particularly—need and benefit from the help caregivers provide, whether it’s assistance with meals, medicine, transportation or simply providing companionship. 

The caregiver’s role is challenging, as they must balance their busy and hectic lives on top of their selfless commitment to others. Add in a lingering pandemic and the challenge is compounded. It’s why this yearly recognition is so deserved. 

Better hearing is a win for both caregivers and those they care for 

One impactful way caregivers can make their lives a little less demanding and more enriching — is to ensure those they’re caring for can hear their very best.  

When people can hear their best, they have an easier time communicating and staying connected. When people hear their best, they feel more confident, engaged, and less lonely. When people can hear their best, it increases their independence and can make them less vulnerable to the issues caused by social isolation and hearing loss. 

Hearing aids make it easy for people to hear their best 

Our new Arc AI hearing aids are a popular and easy way to help people hear their best, while also delivering numerous other benefits the wearer — and caregivers — can take advantage of.  

To make better hearing even easier, hearing professionals across the country have also adopted services like our TeleHear, which enables certain hearing aid adjustments and programming updates to be made virtually from the comfort of the wearer’s home, so the caregivers don’t need to take those they’re caring for into the hearing professional’s office to get help. 

A hearing app that delivers peace of mind for caregivers 

Another smart tool caregivers can use is our Thrive Care app. Thrive Care is the world’s first app designed specifically to help hearing aid wearers maintain more independence while giving caregivers peace of mind. 

Thrive Care is an easy-to-use, non-intrusive app that lets the caregiver check in anytime and anywhere to see how their loved one who is wearing Arc AI hearing aids is doing. Thrive Care provides information around the wearer’s social interaction and physical activities like walking or exercising — so caretakers can tell at a glance if they need extra help. It can even detect when the hearing aid wearer has fallen and send caregivers an alert message.  

Thank you, caregivers! 

If you’re a caregiver, thank you for all you do to bring comfort to others, put smiles on their faces, and for reminding us of humanity’s potential.